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The Guild Saga Lore Wiki is an official site that serves as a supplementary repository for the lore of the game Guild Saga, featuring a comprehensive look into the Locations, Factions, Characters, History, and other lore-related topics.

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What is Guild Saga?

Guild Saga is a play-to-earn, NFT-based fantasy RPG built on the Solana blockchain. An isometric perspective and hand-drawn pixel art sprites complement strategic, turn-based, tactics-style combat heavily inspired by classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre as well as modern CRPGs like Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity.

By utilizing tokenized loot (Item NFTs), SPL token in-game currency ($GGLD and $GGEM), as well as play-to-earn mechanics, players will have true ownership of the spoils of their in-game achievements, thereby further incentivizing exploration, completionism, build optimization, play frequency, and performance in PVP.

To delve deeper into the game's philosophy, mechanics, and tokens, read the whitepaper here.

Guild Saga Lore
Locations in Aarde
Continents Andra (West)Medra (Central)Marlandia (Eastern)Y'ternia (Northern)The Pallids (Southern)
Regions The VirlandsLuxenThe FrontierMyrrh
Major Cities RadianceGrandeur CityTeir OthoEsartMyrrhaThe Exsol AcademyIvarisIosisConcordiaIcyra
Towns, Villages and Settlements Respite IslandNewacreNeedlepoint Station
Notable Landmarks Zeek's MazeMt. FioniaWorld NecropolisAsh's DunesPhoenix's Gorge
Notable Establishments Heroes Guild (Newacre Detachment)Orange Yustarv Inn
Ruling Houses/Parties House MazanHouse CaspariMyrrhEsartian Council of Merchants and MilitantsHouse BloodworthThe Sovereign Wizards
Military Forces/Branches The Imperial ArmyThe Caspari Legion
Organizations The Heroes GuildAzure CompanySoul ReapersThe Inquirers Guild
Mercenaries Allowyn's ShieldThe UnworthyWeb of Usior
Clans and Tribes Ogier's EmissariesAardeboundPurehart Pirates
Companions AskaLuceitLeoraOgreMellamora
Allies UsiorElder MoraKerethLochage MarcellusIva BloodworthMarven GunfriedCyrus
Notable Characters The ExarchThe Antiquarian
?? Miros • Kira
??? Viper the BardJhon the ForgottenYuri HenwigYura HenwigSir Gaientius
Minor NPCs SumeenAnaPels
Weapon Masteries SwordsmanshipWizardryRangedDual-wielding
Classes Physical WarriorHunterRogue
Elemental AeromancerGeomancerHydromancerPyromancer
Divine ClericWarlock
Tech Engineer
Professions Gathering ElementalismForagingFishingMining
Crafting AlchemyCookingCraftingEnchantmentHerbloreScribeSpellweaving
World MercantilismLockpickingThievery
Conversation IntellectInspireIntimidateSeduce
Skills Offensive Coming Soon
Talents Combat Coming Soon
Lieutenant • LuceitGroom