The Pallids

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The Pallids are the largest, southernmost continent in the world of Aarde.


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The Pallids are a barren wasteland, devoid of inland waters and natural resources within observable distance. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reasonably sustain life for an extended period of time there.

There is also an uncanny absence of any movement of air within and about the surrounding waters, which has largely inhibited exploration until more recent times with the advent of aeromancy-powered vessels. Despite that, there have been no efforts made to explore The Pallids given the colossal amount of resources required and political unease.


Due to inhabitable climate and difficulty of navigating its surroundings, The Pallids have remain largely unexplored for the entirety of human and elven civilization—with little to no information available detailing its inner regions in all the world's archives and libraries.

Known Inhabitants

There is currently no knowledge on the lifeforms, if any, that reside on The Pallids.

Other Information

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