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Aska's in-game sprite (Alpha build)

Aska Hearthea is a Recruitable Companion found at the Pilgrim's Camp of Ogier's Emissaries at the start of the game. She is a female Druid who specializes in Wizardry and the Geomancer class.

Aska, along with the Player Character and Luceit Dawnguard II, has been tasked by the Heroes Guild in search of Shards of Hydromancy residing somewhere on Respite Island to grant them safe passage through turbulent storms into The Andra.

As of the beginning of the game's Story Mode, Aska is nineteen years of age.


Aardebound Childhood

Aska originally hails from a tribe of Druids called The Aardebound—nature-loving pacifists who reside in the forested regions south of Myrrh. The Aardebound are known to seek nature's embrace—forming entire communities and ecosystems around Grande Oaks by building residences that spiral upward from the roots using nothing more than the tree's own bark and a little magic.

Heroes Guild

One month prior to the beginning of the game, Aska joined the Heroes Guild in hopes of one day being deployed to The Andra, where Treefolk who could converse in an ancient tongue—which Aska has dedicated her life to the study of—were rumoured to reside in. Having heard countless tales from travellers since the days of her youth, she diligently studied every reference she could get her hands on, in a bid to one day seek out and converse with their kind.

In Search of a Cure

Aska seeks to discover a cure for an unknown disease which recently began to manifest in a few members of her tribe. Though not immediately life-threatening, the disease is terminal and incurable by both druids and Medrian physicians. This further motivates her journey into the New World, seeking a breakthrough in medicating the disease through new herb life or other means.

Personality and Traits

Aska is upbeat, energetic, and overtly positive, often expressing herself with great confidence vocally and through the use of physical gestures. She is very proud of her heritage, having spent countless hours poring through her people's tomes and historical records, and as a result has inherited their love for nature. and kindness and empathy towards her fellow man.

Due to her secluded upbringing and lack of interaction with the outside world, Aska is naïve and sometimes almost too painfully gullible and easily manipulated by others. Though she is somewhat aware of this fact, she still often finds herself falling prey to even the most outlandish white lies.

Aska has a great fear of pain and suffering but often will still put others' wellbeing before her own even when faced with the risk of death.

Abilities and Talents


Aska has a strong affinity for earth magic. Although her offensive abilities are considered average at best, she outperforms other Geomancers when it comes to healing and providing defence.

Increased Movement

Aska possesses higher-than-average Speed, Vigour, and Initiative stats than other spellcasters because of her upbeat personality.

Increased Constitution

Aska is built tough and has increased Constitution due to the physically demanding environment she was brought up in.


Aska is familiar with Herbalism and can help the party better identify and collect useful medicinal herbs.


Aska is proficient in Crafting light and medium armour and weapons which do not require the use of a forge.


Coming Soon.


  • Aska often feels troubled by the size of her feet.
  • Aska loves to eat. She does so quite voraciously even with others present.
  • Aska's favourite beverage is Tartrose Tea.
  • Due to her love and affinity for Geomancy, Aska tends to prefer natural, hand stitched or woven clothing—often crafting her entire wardrobe from scratch—and tends to avoid metallic wear or jewellery. You should probably keep that in mind when outfitting her.
  • Aska secretly dreams of having a lot of money even though she wouldn't have much to spend it on.
  • A young boy once told her that she should search outside the village for a suitor as there was "no one left who would have her". This would later serve to further spur her decision to leave home.