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Concordian Partyhat: Party memorabilia obtained at Needlepoint Station. The only export from the forbidden city available to most folks these days.

Concordia is a city nation built upon augmented cloud formations, afloat approximately 15 kilometres above ground level. Not much is known about Concordia as only a handful are granted entry via Needlepoint Station, a vertical elevator powered by ancient magic that's seemingly impervious to damage of any kind. It is rumoured to be constructed by a group of powerful sorcerers seeking respite from the unending conflict between man and elf many centuries ago.

Known Persons with Access to Concordia

  • Diango: This renowned partymaker is allowed entry to the city for the purposes of planning and running one of his world-famous parties.
  • Vult (The Blue Flash): The president of the Tavernites Alliance is a "Specialist in Anticipation" essential to Diango's partymaking operations, thereby earning him entry as his plus-one.