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Mining is a Gathering Profession skill that allows players to extract crafting materials from ore veins located throughout Story Mode or through Profession Quests in World Mode with the use of a pickaxe Tool.

A copper vein found on Respite Island.


To mine from an ore vein, players must have a Mining level that meets its minimum requirements, as well as possess a pickaxe tool of sufficient quality in their inventory. If both conditions are met when the player right clicks and selects the "Mine" option on an ore vein, a timer is elapsed to depict the mining attempt. Upon completion, the result and any item yields are displayed in the notification log.

A basic Bronze Pickaxe tool available early in the game's Story Mode.

Both tool quality (type of Pickaxe used) and Mining level directly affects the success rate, yield quantity, and yield quality of each mining attempt.

Mining in World Mode

Coming soon.

Obtainable Items


The primary yield from mining comes in the form of ores, which can be smelted into bars and/or used in creating various items through other Profession skills such as Crafting or Blacksmithing.

  • Copper Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Coal
  • Steel Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Obsidian Ore
  • Evarite Ore
  • Tsavorite Ore

Precious Gemstones

Additionally, gemstones (and rarely, other oddities) can be found during mining at a rarer rate.

  • Emerald
  • Opal
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • And many more...