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Crafting is a Profession Skill that involves the creation of new items using recipes and the disassembly of items into materials, usually carried out at a Blacksmith's Workshop.

Crafting in Story Mode

Coming soon.

Crafting in World Mode

By visiting the Blacksmith in Newacre through the World Mode website, players will be able to create various item NFTs through recipes (which are also item NFTs) obtainable via questing in World Mode or through participating in certain events or contests. In addition to the recipe item NFT, the player must also provide all required ingredients in their specified quantities, a $GGEM fee based on the item's rarity, and a nominal amount of SOL to cover the transaction fee.

The $GGEM cost for crafting a recipe varies by rarity, as follows:

  • Common or Material — 0.10 $GGEM
  • Uncommon — 0.25 $GGEM
  • Rare — 0.50 $GGEM
  • Epic — 1.00 $GGEM
  • Legendary — 2.00 $GGEM
  • Ancient — 4.00 $GGEM
  • Unique — 4.00 $GGEM