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Luxen occupies the eastern portion of The Andrian Continent. At present, Luxen is divided into two territories that seem to be teetering on the verge of conflict.

West Luxen

West Luxen is generally inhabited by human colonists, with House Caspari possessing the largest domain consisting of Grandeur City, Newacre, and other minor cities and villages. Additionally, the neutral state of Esart is situated near the border and often facilitates the trading of goods between humans and elves.

East Luxen

East Luxen houses both New Myrrha (home to a century old tribe of elven settlers) and Teir Otho (a sovereign state governed by wizards of various races). The two cities share a multifaceted diplomacy and appear to have friendly ties. Despite that, the Sovereign Wizards have openly stated that they would not participate in any conflict involving other entities.