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Esart is a city in West Luxen built upon Jovian's Crossing—a large inland body of water that comprises several isles connected by a network of bridges. Esart is the closest city to the border between West and East Luxen.


Separation from House Mazan

As one of the smallest and least powerful factions serving under House Mazan, House Van Es contributed the majority of their manpower and fleet into expedition efforts into The Andra, in a bid to establish a foothold in the new world and grow their power. After receiving news that their leaders would be recalling their forces and abandoning the exploration, they decided that it was far too costly to embark on a journey homeward and chose to stay—requesting and receiving independence from the crown.

Founding of Esart

After House Van Es gained independence, they sought to continue building their wealth through establishing a trade channel between various factions in The Andra. The nation of Esart was established upon a vast network of bridges built upon an inland body of water shortly after. Despite both a shortage of natural resources and land for agriculture, the newly established nation flourished in the years that followed due to a heavy focus on imports and exports, and developing skilled talent to fill the roles of engineers, negotiators, and artisans.

The Esartian Council of Merchants and Militants

A move towards a more meritocratic nation saw the previous ruling council of noblemen and noblewomen phased out and replaced by a 21-seat elected council—comprising of the ten most influential merchants, ten highest ranked military officers (of which Esart has dedicated a significant amount of resources to developing in the interest of self-defense), and a single neutral entity.