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Andra or The Andra, otherwise known as The New World or The Andrian Continent, is the second-largest, westernmost continent in the world of Aarde where the second act of the game's Story Mode takes place.

The continent is divided into two regions—Luxen in the East, where human settlers have laid claim to the land and established their territories; and The Frontier in the West, where harsher environments provide the native species shelter from humanity's inexorable thirst for conquest.


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Known Inhabitants


The Andra plays host to several immigrant human factions.


The Myrrhan Elves are the earliest known colonists to establish a presence on the Andra. At present, there are two known Elven factions residing on the continent.

Orcish Tribes

Orcs are native to the Andra and live scattered in small, tightly-knit tribes. Though they attack humans on sight, the orcs seem to have developed a somewhat trade-friendly diplomatic position with the Elves.

Atavist Tribes

Due to the expansion of the territories of both Man and Elf, the indigenous Atavists (also known as Beastmen) have been driven west into The Frontier where they currently reside.

Other Information

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