Lieutenant (Story)

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— A Guild Saga Story

“For such a tower of a person, you sure are a difficult one to find, huh?”

The lady covered in white priestess’ robes sat herself next to the tall white-haired man, rudely slamming her mug onto the counter.

“I didn’t know clergymen were allowed to drink,” muttered the man between sips of his mead.

“We aren’t,” she replied, before taking in another mouthful. “But things change, aaand I’m kind of between religions at the moment, if you will.”

She turned to observe the man’s face in greater detail.

“You’ve grown out your hair since before, huh. I kinda like it. It goes great with all those wrinkles that’re beginning to form over your face.”

She giggled before taking another sip from her mug.

“And you’ve cut off most of yours. A shame, I didn’t quite dislike the way you looked, Kira.”

The man glanced to the side at his old acquaintance—her glistening complexion unmarred by the passage of time. She looked exactly as he remembered her the last time they met, over three decades ago. He, on the other hand, had been weathered by battle and worn by age — a grizzled veteran in his sixties.

“Jokes aside, it’s good to see you again after all these years. Although it’s been hardly a month for me,” said Kira. She raised her hands to express her disbelief before continuing to speak. “Imagine my surprise to hear that the [redacted] had become heralded as a war hero and peacekeeper for the Realm of Man.”

The man swallowed his drink to speak.

”I go by the name Miros these days.”

"Hm?" The name had rang a bell in Kira's head, though she could not recall exactly where she had heard it before.

“Kay then, Miros. Sheesh, how many of these names am I expected to remember?”

“Just the two. And if I recall, you were the one who came up with the others anyway.”

Kira pondered upwards for a second, before nodding in agreement.

“Oops. I guess I did, huh! Anyway, I figured you would be on some kind of murderous quest for vengeance by now. What’s changed?”

Miros began to speak at length — something he hadn’t done for too long now.  Not of matters irrelative to shield business anyway. He told Kira of the events that transpired since the beginning of her time in stasis — of humanity’s trek into the heart of the Andra; of the founding of Allowyn’s Shield; of the unseen Casparian coup; and of the looming threat of the Soul Reapers, et cetera. Then, he spoke the truth of his motivations, revealing the true purpose of his band of mercenaries.

“Hahahaha! I see! Hooooooo.”

Kira covered her face in an attempt to compose herself from laughter, before continuing.

“Perhaps I have judged you far too early, Sir Miros. For one to bare their fangs at God… your madness is far beyond what my medium-sized intellect can comprehend."

“Very well,” she continued. “Since our goals are somewhat in alignment, I think it would be beneficial if we worked together again. I assume you could use an extra pair of hands, especially those of someone you can trust — not that it’s something you’re capable of.”

Miros contemplated for a quick moment before nodding.

“I don’t see any reason to refuse. A mage of your calibre would be a huge boon to our efforts on the battlefield. And, to be deathfully honest, I’m just glad to have an old friend to fight alongside once again. Everyone else from those days is long but gone.”

“It’s a deal then! Oh, and obviously I’m going to be number two in this shoddy band of riffraff, right?” she said, raising two fingers to make a sign.

“Whatever,” Miros gestured with an open palm. “Not that my commanders care much for position or power anyway.”

Miros finished up his drink and placed a few silver coins on the table.

“So, you gonna introduce me to the others?” Kira asked, now having to tilt her head upwards to make eye contact.

“Eventually, but we must first depart for Newacre,” he said, as he rose from his seat. “I’m expecting a ‘shipment’ to arrive at the Heroes Guild in the coming days…”