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Sun's Glory: The banner and sigil of House Mazan

House Mazan is the most prominent of, and currently the longest-running regime amongst human factions. They possess immense accumulated wealth, unmatched military might on the Medra, a myriad of vassal houses, and are sovereign of the city of Radiance.

The Mazanite primarily reside in Fort Ain, the royal palace nested within the innermost walls of Radiance. Throughout history, a single monarch has been anointed to govern and rule the Sunblessed Kingdoms, and is typically a descendant of the royal bloodline. The current ruler of the Sunblessed Kingdoms is King Allowyn XIII, who redonned the mantle after his son Allowyn XIV abruptly vanished from his room one night.

House Mazan are generally regarded throughout the realm as defenders against the forces of darkness, despite having endured a few eras of warfare whilst under the rule of more ambitious kings. The most notable of such conflicts remains The Great Elven War, which saw King Allowyn IV raze several elven villages to the ground as diplomatic tensions reached a boiling point. The scorched, barren areas that remain would later be designated as demilitarized zones to serve as a confluence for peace efforts between man and elf, generations down the line.



Legends tell of three valiant warriors who once, through a series of coincidental events, lent aid to one another's homeland while each was in peril. The word of their deeds spread, and they eventually convened at an unnamed tavern one fateful night. Fascinated by one another's eccentricities and sense of justice, the trio swore a blood oath of brotherhood after a night of drinks and rambunctious chortling. The three men, Allowyn, Stykk Duskblade and Garme Dawnguard would eventually go on to establish Radiance and the Sunblessed Kingdoms.

With bond as undying as their obligation to rid the land of evil, they ventured forth to do battle against the greater demon twins, We Who Eclipse. With each wielding their now-fabled weapons and a troop of no more than a hundred men, they emerged victorious after six grueling nights of conflict, and at long last dispelled the curse that plagued the land for nearly two years.

Founders Wars

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Current Status

Withdrawal from the New World

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Outstation at Respite Island

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Turmoil in the Medra

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Notable Members

Xelis, advisor and personal guard to King Allowyn XIV

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House Bloodworth

Throughout the course of its history, House Bloodworth has mostly thrived from a longstanding relationship with the monarchy as its main alchemic provider. However, since the arrival of a certain hooded man and his scrutiny of the trade records, the kingdom has annulled both trade and service between them and the already-struggling Great Family—further expediting their migration westward into the New World. Though effectively independent of their previous lieges, they are still allies with House Mazan, if only in name.

Heroes Guild

As fellow defenders of the realm, House Mazan outwardly contributes a substantial amount of financial and military aid toward their peacekeeping initiatives. In truth, the aid provided merely serves as a guise for certain members of the royal court to monitor the guild and their activities—ensuring that their expansion is well-regulated within their control, and to detect and quash any potential uprisings at their root.

In Conflict

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House Caspari

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