Yuri Henwig

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Yuri Henwig is an NPC who resides at Anneliese's Ranch on Respite Island.


Yuri was born with a frail disposition and quickly became fixated with books at an early age while confined indoors. Despite having never set foot outside of Respite Island, he possesses a diverse knowledge of worldly matters—gleaned from numerous tomes and volumes purchased at Port Steine.


Yuri shares both a strong bond as well as a desire to explore the world beyond Respite Island with his twin sister, Yura Henwig.

After the passing of their parents, the analytical-minded Yuri immediately took charge of managing the farm's finances and trade; leaving Yura to tend to the fields and caring for the livestock. The pair worked hard through a period of growing pains and have managed to stabilize farm operations and even turn a tidy profit to contribute to their island departure fund.